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  1. Welcome to the web site management system
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        Asp.net/access/bootstrap enterprise website management system is -KeyWebCMS technology development, and can adapt to the computer and mobile devices, page friendly, user experience, good performance. The background supports multiple languages, and can be freely extended, managed by free switching between languages. The website contains the main function of enterprise website (about us, news, product, message, talent recruitment, engineering case, photo album, etc.), and can add columns to expand, which is suitable for the two development. The article, product and album module can set SEO parameters individually, and generate a static page by one button, which is more friendly to SEO. The system can copy the product, articles and photo albums to other languages, making the operation more convenient, and embedded Baidu Translate, double-click to start the translation text, the current version has integrated template engine that supports keywebcms tag free replacement template.
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